Saturday, September 14, 2013


This past month has been one of exciting changes for the Joyas church. In August, we signed papers to purchase a house for the church building! We moved in 3 weeks ago and it has been a huge blessing already.

THANK YOU to all those who helped us by giving and praying for this to happen!

(Rodrigo and Stu with the help of Feliciano loaded up all the chairs, tables, stove, stools, bookshelf, kitchen, etc. from the church onto a pick up to move in to the new house.)

The English classes have started up in the new house again with an average of 20 kids. The ladies group and youth group starting up this week! 

The church has plans to expand the church building towards the garage space to make more room for more people during Sunday services. Lord willing, construction will be starting in a few weeks once the permission papers are granted. The house currently has room for approximately 30 people and once we expand the house we will be able to fit about 60 adults for a Sunday service in addition to 30+ kids in the two Sunday school room upstairs.

-for the construction permit we need for the expansion project to begin! Pray that there would be no complications!
-that God will continue to bless all the activities in Joyas. (English class, ladies group, youth group, kids club)
-for the Mexican leaders working in the Joyas church! (Rodrigo & Julie; Miguel & Janet; Andrea)

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